Keefe Memorial Hospital Welcomes You!

About Us
Keefe Memorial Hospital is a Rural Health Facility in Colorado. We welcome you to our facility that was designed specifically with your health care needs in mind. We have created a hospital environment that focuses on the delivery of "caring and healing" in a confidential and professional manner.

The dedicated physicians and employees at Keefe Memorial Hospital are devoted to treating you as family, with the caring, compassion, and skill that will enhance your treatment process.

Our goal is to develop your trust in our complete health care service, so that when medical needs arise your first thought is that of us, Keefe Memorial Hospital.

On behalf of our Board of Commissioners, Medical Staff, Employees, and Volunteers, thank you for making Keefe Memorial Hospital your "Hospital of Choice".

We strive to continue earning the confidence you've placed in us.

Keefe Memorial Hospital... For your health. For the future.